What is content, defined?


Within the word DEFINED are five inherent meanings. We use these elements to create effective web contentdigital marketing, and content strategy.

Effective Content Should:

1. Set forth meaning.

Your content should explain who you are and what you stand for. Each sentence should be saturated in your brand -- even if not explicitly.

2. Identify essential qualities.

What is your voice? Which keywords are important to your users?

3. Specify clearly and definitely.

Be precise. Use simple words. Short sentences. Less adjectives.

4. Fix boundaries.

Creating a content strategy will help map the goals of your business to your content priorities. Charting a course ensures we arrive at our desired destination.

5. Make clear the form.

Understanding your content strategy informs the best content tactics for you. Blog or e-mail? Facebook or LinkedIn? Your goals and audience determine which platform and what kind of web content.