Email Marketing

EverGreen Landscaping Associates

EverGreen Landscaping Associates

When summer hits, this high-end landscape design firm quickly meets capacity. To expand their sales season, we provide marketing strategy plus digital content to boost customer loyalty and generate new business.

To feature bi-monthly informative articles from EverGreen's expert designers and lead generating website landing pages, we created a branded "Landscape Designer Tips" series. These helpful tips and how-to's a published across their online platforms -- from email to website to social media. 

Strategic Hospitality Search

This high-end hospitality recruitment agency sources executive candidates to resorts, five-star restaurants, hotels, and golf clubs. We partner with them to create educational content for businesses — the recruiting process, on-boarding new hires, and the latest trends in retaining great employees. And promotional emails for job seekers —including a monthly job posts update and tips for getting hired.